Plateau Out Now

‎’Plateau’ – my eBook – is out today on the Amazon site. You can get it on your Kindle, and if you haven’t a Kindle because you’re worried about dropping it on your face whilst reading in bed or what have you, then you can download a FREE Kindle PC Reader instead.

‘Plateau’ is the satirical tale of Martin Martin, who, mid-life and mid-love, is on his way to the job interview that could change his life.

It’s only a short story (10 pages) and is only 77 pence – cheaper than an Airport chocolate– so you’ve no excuses! I’d be very grateful to anyone who reads it, and I’m loudly confident that you’ll find it worth your time! 




Martin Martin, mid-life and mid-love, has never taken a chance in his life. Now he finds himself an interview away from the promotion that would return purpose to his world. But will he ever make it to the interview?

Plateau combines the surrealist humour of Peter Cook and Armando Iannucci, the horror of modern monotony favoured by JG Ballard and the unexpected treachery of Roald Dahl; balanced with a little of the Author’s own niche-pastiche.


In other news, I’m currently writing a short Play about IKEA.


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