51 Ways To Kill A Conversation

There are 51 ways to kill a conversation… The first is to tell people you’ve written a short story collection…

51 Ways To Kill A Conversation‘ is the new anthology of short stories written by Ross Keen to be released on eBook in December 2014.

The anthology will include:

– Plateau 
(about a midlife crisis where a man gets trapped on a broken down escalator)
– Swedish Wood 
(about a man who, when his wife leaves him, is forced to live in an IKEA showroom)
– Swallow
(about a man who swallows some Mouthwash and finds he has 24 hours to live)
– Hair
(about a man who falls in love with his hairdresser)
– They Came From The Skies
(about the Alien invasion of Aberystwyth)
– Typecast
(about a 1970s Horror film actor who struggles to accept he may be typecast)
– The Vicar’s Wife
(about a Vicar’s Wife… Any more would give it all away!)
– Next Door
(about a man who rises to become Britain’s most powerful celebrity; but what’s next?)
– 2012
(about London in the year 2032; a prediction on the Olympics ‘legacy’)

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